Sea of pine and waves of oak
The Forest is a home
And I will always go there
A cold breath moves the branches
In the wood, 
Cooling the rocks with patterns of moss
The oaks are old gods and I thank them
 fear is  thunder
It beats the drum of the heart
And for a time
I am its muted prisoner
Though this sound blisters,
I can still hear the old muffled whisper
The hills and trees are alive
With a kind of thought Unknowable.
In the Other World,
They arise and fall
Arise and fall
I declare my love for them,
Old gods, old noble creatures
Though fears tympani beats continuous,
I see faces in the wood
And bones in the mountains
I call these beings my long time friends
I shall sit with them a while and wonder
At the rocks stuck between my toes

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